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Top Management

Asharaf Ali Kadir

Asrab Ali bin Abdul Kadir

Chairman of the Board
An experienced professional banker in consumer banking, particularly in e-banking, cards & payment, loans and deposits for over 28 years, having served in Citibank and Maybank, including as Senior Executive Vice-President at Maybank and Chief Executive Officer of Maybank Finance, and adviser to Bank Islam. He has extensive exposure and coverage in segment marketing, product development and distribution channel routing. He holds a BBA from Ohio University and a MBA from State University Tennessee, USA.
Paul Ong Whee Sen

Paul Ong Whee Sen

Executive Director (Origination) - License: eCMSRL/B7377/2017
An experienced professional banker in international banking, particularly in cross-border banking, offshore operations and capital market transactions for over 25 years, having served in Arab-Malaysian Merchant Bank, setting up AmBank Group's offshore operations in Brunei and Labuan, and as the CEO of AmInternational Labuan, which was the most active listing sponsor on the Labuan International Financial Exchange (LFX). He was an Committee Member of LFX and the former Chairman of the Association of Offshore Banks in Labuan, a member of the Task Force on Islamic Finance, an Executive Committee member of Financial Park (Labuan) and a member of the global Payment Advisory Group of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., San Francisco. He has extensive exposure and coverage of cross-border financing, USD denominated debt and sukuk instruments, and listing. He holds a BSc (Geology) and a MBA from University of Malaya. A receipient of Tokai Bank Foundation scholarship, he has completed Japanese studies at Nanzan University.

Dato’ Mohd Effendi Abdullah, Dato’ Kurnia Bakti DiRaja Selangor, DSIS, SMS

Executive Director (Capital Markets) - License: eCMSRL/B7841/2017
An experienced professional banker in investment banking, particularly in Islamic finance, capital markets and corporate banking, having served in AmBank Group for over 32 years. He helped establish the Group's Islamic banking and finance activities, and maintain the Group as the top 3 Sukuk issuer for some 20 years, and raising over RM 100 billion. He is a pioneer in Islamic investment banking and a Board member of the Islamic Banking & Finance Institute. He also sat on various committees at Bank Negara Malaysia, Securities Commission, Malaysian Investment Banking Association, Association of Islamic Banking Institutions Malaysia. and the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board. He has participated as speaker and panel member in major international and local Islamic conferences, round-tables and roadshow discussions. He holds a Bachelors (Economics) degree majoring in Accounting and Financial Management from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Senior Management

Sheryn Chow

Sheryn Chow Suet Yim

Director (Corporate Finance) - License: eCMSRL/B1779/2011
An experienced investment banker, with over 20 years work experience in corporate finance, corporate advisory and company secretarial work, having served in AmCorpGroup Bhd, MIDF Amanah Investment Bank and Covenant Equity Consulting. Her experience includes initial public offerings, raising equity, corporate restructuring, and mergers & acquisition in several industries. She holds a BComm (Accounting) from Marlborough Nelson Institute of Technology, New Zealand.
Yee Wei Lee

Yee Wei Li

Director (Corporate Finance) - License: eCMSRL/B7475/2017
An experienced investment banker, with over 13 years work experience in corporate finance, investment banking and audit work, having served in RHB Investment Bank, AmInvestment Bank, Kenaga Investment Bank and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (M&A division). Her experience includes initial public offering & listing transfer, mergers & acquisition, reverse take-overs, REIT restructuring, divestment and raising equity and private debt securities. She holds a BComm (Accounting & Finance) from Monash University, Australia.
Jennie Fong Yin Lai

Jennie Fong Yin Lai

Manager (Corporate Finance) - License: eCMSRL/B7379/2017
An experienced corporate finance personnel, with over 7 years working experience at MIDF Investment Bank and Sadec Corporate Advisory. Her experience includes initial public offerings, independent advisory, and raising equity and private debt securities. She holds a Bachelor of Banking from Universiti Utara Malaysia.
Mardziah Abu Bakar

Mardziah Abu Bakar

Manager (Finance)
An experienced finance personnel, with over 8 years work experience in project advisory, business restructuring, finance & accounting, legal and human resource management gained principally at Sadec Group. Her experience includes fund raising, restructuring, regulatory compliance and oversight of legal and secretarial matters. She holds a Bachelor of Political Science from International Islamic University Malaysia.
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